Jeffery moved from  San Cristóbal province in the Dominican Republic as a small child to southern AZ where his family were migrant workers.  During the winter family migrated to Chicago.  During these years, J lived in a world of violence, anger and death. His two older brothers were killed Jeffery's.   Jeffery witness friend RB killed during a pick up B-Ball game, and Poke shot and kill a girlfriend.  Jeffery remembers food being more important than video games. He lived in 11 homes in 10 years, many times going weeks without water or electricity.

    Despite the violence and despair that filled his life, the hardest part for Jeffery was being diagnosed learning disabled (dyslexic/expressive language disorder) and emotionally disturbed.  He was placed in a special education self-contained classroom, where he spent 9 years, logging over 6,900 hours. Void of hope, Jeffery became hopeless. After aging out of  the program, Jeffery lived with NBA player Sean Elliott of the San Antonio Spurs.  During this time Jeffery crossed path with Mr. Radliff a retired school principal.


    Refusing to give up,  Jeffery enrolled in college and had a breakthrough. "I need to work one more hour”  Jeffery graduated college with a BA degree in P.E./Counseling.  Jeffery taught P.E before earning his Master  of Science degree in Education Leadership.  Certified in the areas k-12 Administration and k-12 Education Specialist/Athletic Director.   

Jeffery's still fighting injustice,  He's been arrested for advocating for his daughter with autism.  Held a gun point by Detroit police, who thought he was breaking into his build.  Fought and defeated the State of IL foster service who removed a two year old child Jeffery had since her birth because the case worker didn't want the adoption to go threw.


     Jeffery a keynote speaker conference and workshop.  In addition, Jeffery  is  a Restorative Justice trainer/curriculum writer  skilled  in conflict resolution, and diversity.  Jeffery produced and hosted a unique cable show on mentoring special education/foster children. As Dean of Students Jeffery is a constructivist who uses Art Therapy in tandem with restorative practices. 

Footnote: Events left out are the things Jeffery did to others.





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